Daylight Robbery! iPhone 5 Adapter Gets $30 Price Tag

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Apple has launched their iPhone 5 and it does indeed have a new connector which they call Lightning. Apple also expects fans to pay out a whopping $30 for a Lightning to 30 pin adapter or $40 if you want the cable version of the adapter.

iPhone 5 adapter starts at $30

This cable will be needed by those who have older iPhone accessories that they want to use with their new iPhone 5, for instance a speaker dock. Gizmodo pointed out that when the MagSafe 2 adapter was released it was just $10 and so everyone assumed that the new adapter from Apple for the iPhone 5 would be around the same price.

So what this means is that it’s 3 or 4 times the price and if you want to use your old accessories it is going to cost you a great deal of money. Another downside is you will have to wait until October-ish before you can even get your hands on the adapter.

The only other thing to do is wait to see if 3rd party manufacturers make a cheaper version that does the same thing. Do you think it is fair for Apple to charge $30 for an adapter for its iPhone 5?

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