iPhone 5 Accessories To Look Forward To [LEAKED PICS]

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It seems like some iPhone 5 accessories, compatible with the rumored new connector, have leaked out ahead of the phone’s September launch.

iPhone 5 accessories leaked ahead of official release date

iLounge has found several pics of accessories from third party maker Scosche that look like designs for the iPhone 5’s new dock.

These accessories include the syncABLE Pro, a dual-device wall charger, and the reNUE Pro, which is the in-car version. Both gadgets appear to have a connector cable for the new dock that’s almost certainly coming with the iPhone 5.

The new devices don’t have a release date or price yet, and the iPhone 5 itself has yet to be unveiled. The site also has a photo of an iPhone 4S inside a case designed for the iPhone 5. This gives us an idea of how these cases will protect the bottom of the phone, which is where the dock connector and speakers are located.

iPhone 5 accessories

iPhone 5 accessories

Apple is believed to be including a new smaller dock connector for the iPhone 5, but no-one knows how many pins will feature – we’ve heard 19 pins, nine pins and also eight.

It’s also thought that Apple will be making an adapter for people who haven’t upgraded to the iPhone 5 but are wanting to buy accessories with the new dock connector.

iPhone 5 accessories

iPhone 5 accessories

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