iPhone 5 Accessories For Hipsters: The iRock [PICS]

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We are constantly on the look out for new iPhone 5 accessories given that the latest model features a different connector than in the past. However what we came across blew our min.

iPhone 5 accessories: iRock

Rocking chairs apparently aren’t just things that your grandparents sit in on the porch, not according to the iRock that is. The chair comes with speakers and it charges your iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) while you sit back and relax.

The iRock chair is currently is not yet for sale, but many details have come out about the chair since it is expected to go up for order shortly. It will be available in a range of colours, from white to red and more, and it has been designed using Swedish pine. The chair takes on the standard rocking chair shape.

The iRock comes with a generator which allows the rocking movement of it to power the iPhone 5 along with other products of Apple. All you need to do is put your device on the dock that is built in and start rocking.

Micasa Lab are behind the iRock and if you rock in the chair for 60 minutes it will charge your an iOS device as big as the iPad 3 by up to 35%. The iRock chair is thought to be in the price range of $1,700 and there are no plans at the moment to include connectors for Android handsets.


Credit: Micasa Lab

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