How iPhone 5 Could Annoy The Apple Faithful

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The iPhone 5 is expected to be announced any day now and to date we’ve seen more leaks regarding the upcoming Apple phone then you can shake a stick at. The latest has to do with its ports.

iPhone 5 may feature new dock connecter, deem current accessories obsolete

If rumors of a smaller dock connector for the iPhone 5 prove true die-hard Apple fans may be disappointed. Apple have used the same connector for a decade and while a new connector may please makers of accessories, fans will find that their old accessories will be no use to them.

It is thought that the iPhone 5 will be in stores around October and it will have a 19 pin connector which will replace the 30 pin connector. This will make room for Apple to out the earphone port at the bottom of the handset.

The new port would mean that any accessories that iPhone owners have purchased in the past will not work, unless Apple releases an adapter too. Of course this is big news for accessory vendors. For a long time now tech blogs have said that the existing connector is too big and a smaller one would mean that Apple could have a bigger battery.

Some vendors from China have already begun releasing cases for what are said to be the new iPhone 5 and the earphone socket is located at the bottom of the case. An analyst said that speaker docks for the iPod had been declining over the last year, if the new iPhone 5 has a different dock connector, accessory makers would see business boom.

Would you buy the iPhone 5 if the dock connector meant that you had to go out and purchase brand new accessories?

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