$17 Deal For iPhone 5 Fans Dissed! (BI)

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The folks over at BusinessInsider appear to be peeved at the recent $17 deal for iPhone 5 accessories. So what went wrong with what sounded like the best deal of the year for iPhone 5 fans?

According to BI, upon getting the Apple iPhone 5 from AT&T when it came out they thought the device was superb. That is until the charger was left at home for the first time.

Of course there were the standard iPhone 4S chargers lying around, but these were useless and so this left the Apple iPhone 5 dead.

This was the start of the honeymoon phase being over.

Like many addicts of the iPhone you have to have four backups to ensure that you have a guaranteed power source when you go out.

This would mean paying out $80 on chargers after paying out $300 for a new device. Of course on seeing the Cost Brothers/Via Google offers deal back in January, BI was ecstatic.

For just $17 and $5 of shipping, you could get Apple iPhone 5 earpods, a Lightning cable of 10 feet, a car charger and a charger for the wall, all of which was worth $106.

Of course the only things of interest to me was the charger and the earpods, however as these cost $20 to $30 each, it would still be a good deal and so BI decided to go for it.

When the package came BI tried out the headphones and they looked almost the same as the real thing.

However it didn’t take too long before realising that they were not earpods. It sounds as though it is coming out of a tin can and music sounds as though it is coming from the other side of the world. Other people who bought the deal were also disappointed.

BI then took a better look at the wall charger and it said that is was a Happy China brand. You can get the identical plug from for $1.52. The other items didn’t have a manufacturer’s label.

Perhaps all items would have come to $106 if they had been Apple products, however they were nothing but knock offs, just as tech experts had said would come onto the market following the release of the Apple iPhone 5. BI have bought earbuds from Big Lots that sound better than what CostBrothers are selling.

Today BI called CostBrothers as a regular customer and made a complaint. The rep was polite and offered to send me some replacement earbuds.

However on calling again later in the day they were not helpful at all. The person said that the ad “never said the accessories were from Apple” and then they hung up.

Of course the issue isn’t that the products are not from Apple. The complaint is that is says that the total value was $106 and clearly they are not. BI then turned to help from a press rep at Google Offers, who still offer the same deal up to April and BI is still waiting to hear back from them.

So if you are looking for some Apple accessories that are low cost, make sure you know what you will be getting. Most deals are just rip-offs. Of course BI did get a charger from it and as far as BI can tell it does work fine. However BI feel like they paid out $22 for five items and just got one item that was useful. BI could have paid $30 for a charger from Apple and not had to pay postage. Bear in mind, you only get what you pay for.

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