iPhone 5: It Will Cost $10 To Use Your Old Accessories With It (Rumor)

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Apple will no doubt be releasing an iPhone that comes with some major changes at their event on the 12th September. One of the biggest of these changes will be the dock connector, which will now be 19 pins instead of 30 reports PocketNow.

Rumor: iPhone 5 adapter will set you back $10

If you have many accessories then this causes a problem of course, that is unless you are willing to pay $10 for an adapter from Apple. This is the latest rumor surrounding the next generation iPhone 5, but would Apple seriously ask users to pay out for an adapter?

If Apple is charging $10 for their adapter they stand to make a great deal of money out of it, possibly many millions of dollars. Of course there is nothing to say that a 3rd party manufacturer will not come up with an adapter for a lot less eventually.

However Apple will be ahead as they will already have one on the shelves when they release their iPhone 5 and no doubt those upgrading from the current iPhone will want one so they can start using the device with their current accessories.

Or do you think Apple may just give away an adapter in the box with the device to their loyal fans?

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