Sell Your iPhone Now But Surrender When iPhone 5 Lands

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Users of the current iPhone don’t have to worry about having to manage without their device for long as Gazelle, the buyback website, have extended the time that consumers are able to send in phones after locking in their quote.

Gazelle “buys” your iPhone now but only needs you to surrender it when iPhone 5 is released

There are many rumors going around about the launch of the new iPhone 5 in September. Sites all over the internet have leaks, specs, concepts and more evidence that the iPhone 5 is coming very soon. Gazelle therefore are happy to buy your old iPhone off you and give you cash, if you send your phone in within 30 days of the quote. However they want to encourage users of the iPhone to sell their handsets and they have said that any quote they give out from August 20th to August 31st will come with the promise that owners can keep hold of their handsets until 1st October. This is when the iPhone 5 is expected to be available on store shelves.

Sprint has given indication that the release cannot be far away as they have cut down the price of their iPhone 4S from $200 to $150. They are also offering customers free activation when the phone is ordered online. Apple said they too would be offering the device for the same price as Sprint, but you have to ask them, otherwise it will cost you $200.

Gazelle believe that you may be able to pick up the iPhone 4S for just $100 if you wait closer to the launch date of the iPhone 5. Last quarter Apple only met earnings expectations which led to stock faltering slightly but rumours of the iPhone 5 have helped as the share price of Apple went to an all-time high of $648.02.

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