iPhone 5 Compatible iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak At Last

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iPhone 4S and iOS 6 users finally have some good news. There’s a video doing the rounds that shows a 4S using Cydia, so devs might have done the iOS 6 jailbreak. This in turn means that other devices using a similar chip might be jailbreakable.

iPhone 4S runs Cydia, developer says iOS 6 jailbreak iPhone 5 compatible too

@Mr_DunH1ll tweeted the vid to prove that the iOS 6 jailbreak does work on the iPhone 4S. He admitted that there’s a few problems that’ll need to be sorted before release, and it’s thought that these problems are down to the huge security on the OS.

Mr_DunH1ll started the ARB, or Arab, dev team for iOS 6 and OSX. It’s a new team on us, but MrD’s Twitter also looks like he has an iPad running a jailbroken iOS 6.
The team claims that this JB works with devices on the A6 chip, including the iPhone 5. Obviously there’s been a few iOS 6 jailbreak hoaxes, but this looks fairly legit.

Devs are getting ever closer to the iOS 6 jailbreak, but Chronic says lots of steps are missing, and are needed to fulfil a public release. If ARB has got the goods, it’ll still have to work with other crews to get this untethered jailbreak out to A6 chip devices.

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