Consumers Can’t Tell Difference Between iPhone 5 & 4S!

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Even though Apple have made the iPhone 5 longer and changed the screen size to 4 inches it seems that some people don’t know the difference between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. This was the finding of comedian Jimmy Kimmel when people were shown an iPhone 4S and were told in was the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 vs 4: mind tricks

However the last laugh was on Kimmel as he thought that he was showing people an iPhone 4S when actually the device he was given was an iPhone 4. There were numerous comments from people who got their hands on what they thought was the latest version, the iPhone 5. These ranged from “it’s a lot better” to “it’s a lot faster” and “it’s a lot lighter than the last version”

One consumer admitted that he owned the iPhone 4S and said that the phone he was given was a lot faster than his own device? It’s amazing how the mind can play tricks. Simply by being told that this was the iPhone 5, people thought that it was actually faster and lighter.

Maybe Apple didn’t really have to spend money and time designing a brand new iPhone for release. Maybe they could have just released last year’s model under the name of the iPhone 5 and told people it was new. Oh wait, that’s what they did last year with the iPhone 4S. J.K.

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