iPhone 5: Stories Of Shocking Battery Life Continue

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As we go into the New Year you might have thought that the Apple iPhone 5 and 4S battery life issues may have been a thing of the past. However this has not been the case and in fact some users have said the issues have got worse.

iPhone 5 & 4S plagued by iOS 6 battery life issues

The Apple iPhone 4S has seen more than its fair share of issues with the battery, but the majority of users said that things were fixed when they updated to iOS 5.

Now the same issues with battery life seem to be plaguing iOS 6 and the Apple iPhone 5, along with the 4S. At the end of September, Product-Reviews told us about issues with iOS 6, one of which related to the battery, which thousands of owners were talking about in forums. Thanks to this there were more than 270 comments about problems with the Apple iPhone 4, 4S and Apple’s latest iPhone 5 after the iOS 6 bump.

Since then many readers have sent in emails about the battery life of the Apple iPhone 5 and 4S. It seems that even though Apple have sent out updates i.e. iOS 6.02, the battery life is still an issue. Of course the Apple iPhone 4S has not got the update to iOS 6.0.2 right now so it remains with the same issue but older OS.

One user of the Apple iPhone 4S told PR that they had charged their 3 month old device to 89% and within an hour the battery went down to 32%, and the device was doing nothing more than sitting on the table unused.

More than half of the battery drained down in one hour and that isn’t just bad battery life, it is draining that is extreme. Apparently this isn’t a one off either, and the problem doesn’t seem to be associated with hardware. The issue seems to happen when updating to iOS 6. Apple has not said anything about this yet. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

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