iPhone 5 & 4S A Sucker For Battery Life After iOS 6.02

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There have been many issues with battery life on the Apple iPhone 4S in the past and this issue has always been fixed with an update to iOS. However since the Apple iPhone 5 was released, not a single battery issue has been resolved since.

iPhone 5 & 4S battery life complaints popping up after iOS 6.0.2

If you have owned an Apple iPhone since they came out then you learn many things about the device and one of the strangest things has been problems found following a software update. This is something that users have seen with the update to iOS 6.0.2, and once again it has been the cause of complaints about battery life.

This hasn’t happened with everyone who has installed the update however. It seems that some Apple iPhone 4S & 5 users are affected and others are not. So the question is, should Apple bring out a solution for those who have been affected?

The issue for some people is extreme. Shortly after the launch of iOS 6 for the Apple iPhone 4S we saw battery problems. For some it was extreme, with the battery of the device draining down by half overnight. The iPhone 5 was safe at the time but since iOS 6.0.2 both devices are affected. Product-Reviews reports that one reader even said that they had lost more than 15% in an hour.

This is now quite a common complaint over on the Apple forums points out the blog. One user said that their battery was draining fast on the Apple forum and this got more than 200 replies plus 20,000 views.

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