iPhone 5 Goes Old School, Resembles 3GS More Than The 4S [AI]

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The inside of the new iPhone 5 seems to be taking on design elements from the iPhone 3GS instead of the 4S reports AppleInsider. RepairLabs showed new photos that suggest the front digitizer along with the display assembly have metal brackets that lead to the conclusion that it will sit in housing that is very similar to that of the iPhone 3GS, albeit slightly more modern and updated.

iPhone 5 design internals resemble iPhone 3GS more than 4S

The website says that is appears that the new iPhone 5 will have the 3GS type plastic mid-frame which runs around the LCD glass assembly and the digitizer. There is also a evidence that suggests that the brackets and bottom screws are similar to those of the 3GS. This suggests that the device would pull open from the front.

The reports also goes on to say that the photos show the details of the screen brackets at the bottom of the handsets are similar to the design seen on the iPhones 3GS. These seem to surround the smaller dock connector with 9 pins that has been rumored.

iPhone 5 internals

iPhone 5 internals

Rumor has it that Apple will be revealing the new iPhone 5 on 12th September and if this proves to be true then there isn’t long to wait until we get to find out if any of these leaks are true.

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