iPhone 5 Could Look Just Like 4S After All

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With less than a month to go before the expected iPhone 5 launch, it is time to take a look back all the iPhone 5 leaks we have seen to date. One thing that surface when you take a look at all the leaked pictures to date is that the iPhone 5 may end up looking just like the 4S instead of a radical new design.

iPhone 5 vs 4S: more refined but may look almost alike

So why is that? It appears to basically be Apple’s way of perfecting its products. Instead of completely revamping the popular iPhone for its 6th rendition, Apple may just fine tune it. This is what PCMag’s Dan Costa believes after seeing what Apple did with the MacBook Pro this year as well as the last 3 versions of the iPhone which are now leading up to the iPhone 5. Quoting the folks over at TechBlock, Costa points out exactly what Apple does:

“All three of these phones build on Apple’s original vision of the iPhone. The hardware, software, specs, branding, marketing, and overall user experience gets a little better with each release. This refinement strategy helps generate actual profits. You get better at making the same thing year after year. You reduce parts. You streamline production. You make the messaging clearer. Consumers understand the narrative thread you have created and can follow along when you push new innovations. ”

So while there are rumors that the iPhone 5 maybe slightly longer than the 4S and feature a 9-pin dock connector instead of 30, don’t get your hopes up for a radical new design just yet. You may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

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