16GB iPhone 5 Would Fill Up Quicker Than You’d Expect

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The size of iOS apps and games are increasing, at least this is what a study from ABI Research has shown. TUAW reports that the study showed that on average the global app size is around 23 MB, up by 16% from March. The largest weight gain is seen with games, which have risen by 42% over the last 6 months! The average game is now a whopping 60MB.

16GB iPhone 5 feels a little constricted now

This increase in size may have an effect on customers who recently bought a 16GB iPhone 5. Anyone with low capacity devices will have to manage apps and games carefully and delete older apps or games to make way for new ones since this “bulking” up of apps will likely continue (iPhone 5 now has a faster processor, more RAM and 16:9 high resolution display). This is thought to affect the buying trend in the future as people will choose 32GB or 64GB iPhone and keep clear of the lower storage options.

So if you are about to purchase a new iPhone 5 or for that matter an iPad or iPod touch 5G, be warned. Unless you want to join the app shufflers, think carefully about which storage option you might need for the long haul.

The 16GB iPhone 5 costs $199 on contract, with the 32GB and 64GB models going at $299 and $399. The iPhones of course don’t support expandable memory.

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