iPhone 5: Is 16GB Big Enough?

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We were recently asked the question of whether a 64GB Apple iPhone 5 was necessary of whether 16GB or 32GB were enough. This question is relevant if you happen to at the counter at Verizon or AT&T and you have no idea of how much storage you need.

iPhone 5 buying guide: is 16GB enough?

You can get the Apple iPhone 5 16GB for $199, the 32GB version for $299 or the 64GB for $399. About the only way that you can find out how much storage you need is with trial and error and it could be a costly mistake if you find you don’t have enough.

So could you save money and go for the 16GB iPhone 5 or do you have to pay out of the 64GB version? Here we have a rough guide that may help you decide.

The first thing to ask yourself is how much music you want to store

Many Apple iPhone owners use their device as their music player. To determine how much storage you will need for music, bear in mind that a four minute song will use up around 4MB. This means that you could get around 250 songs for each 1GB of storage. Of course some songs will be shorter and other can be longer.

Make a play list on iTunes of all the songs you want on your device and then find out the size of the list. If it is around 10GB then you will need to get the 32GB version of the Apple iPhone.

Of course you could use Spotify or Rdio, both of which provide access to music libraries which are large for around $10 per month, which you can use without having to be connected to the internet. iTunes Match will allow you to access your own music library but you need an unlimited wireless plan and a reliable internet connection.

How much space do you need for photos?

As the Apple iPhone 5 has one of the best cameras on a phone, you may take lots of photos and video. Bear in mind that each photo you take will take up around 2.3MB of space. This means that you will get around 435 photos for each GB of space on the device.

If you back up your photos on a regular occurrence or use Dropbox or Google Drive, then you shouldn’t have to worry about space.

Videos take a lot of storage. You will need around 180MB of storage for each minute of video that is in HD.

How many apps do you download?

The average iPhone owners according to Apple have around 100 apps on their device. of course you will want the basics such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of these apps are small, Facebook is 19MB, Twitter is 10MB and Google Maps is just 6.7MB.

But bear in mind that when you use them they swell up. For instance after many years you can expect Twitter to take up as much as 339MB. Apps that hold photos, video or newspapers take up more storage.

Graphic intense games on the other hand can be GBs in size, not MB. This means that if you want to play the latest games then you will need a large Apple iPhone 5, probably 64GB.

Of course when you have completed a game you could delete it, which frees up space. You might also want to delete an app that is taking up a lot of space and then re-install it. The exception to this would be camera apps, which may contain photos.

You cannot take everything with you

Bear in mind that you will be mixing all of the above on your iPhone 5. So you will have photos, videos, apps and music. If you prefer to carry all your music with you, along with photos and have plenty of apps then it would be worth spending and getting the 64GB iPhone 5. If you are a moderate user you may get away with the 32GB and if use your device just for surfing, emailing, talking to friends on Twitter and Facebook, then you may get away with the 16GB version.

Of course it is difficult to determine which the best choice is for you and if you can afford it, then it is better to be safe rather than sorry and go for the largest storage iPhone 5.

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