Cheapest iPhone 4S In The US Is At… Walmart

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While many fans of the iPhone are holding out for the rumored release of the iPhone 5 in September, retailers are trying their best to tempt consumers to hand over cash for the iPhone 4S.

Cheapest iPhone 4S: $148 at Walmart

Sprint recently dropped the price on all of their iPhones and now it is Walmart’s turn to put temptation in your way. They are now offering the iPhone 4S 16GB version for $148 with a two year contract. The handset is also available on the three carriers that support it.

Of course they along with other stores are doing this as they do not want to be stuck with the older models of the iPhone when the new iPhone 5 appears. This means if you don’t need the very latest from Apple, you can grab yourself a bargain and a great handset.

However this knockdown price is not available online. If you choose to buy it online you can get it for around $188, so to get it for $148 you will have to visit a participating store. At $148 on contract, Walmart currently stands as having the cheapest iPhone 4S in the US not-counting limited time promotions.

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