iPhone 4S is Dead – Long Live Samsung Galaxy S3 (For Now)

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The Galaxy S3 is the Samsung gladiator that’s been chosen to do battle against the iPhone 5, but the poor old iPhone 4S is fending the giant off for now. Is it fighting a losing battle, though? Well in terms of sales it is losing as earlier this week, sales checks at Verizon and AT&T showed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally outselling the iPhone 4S. The reason for this is simple if you take a gander at the specs.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S specs comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has that brilliant 4.8” Super AMOLED display with that amazing 1280x720p resolution. The fact that the iPhone 4S display is Retina doesn’t make up for the fact that its resolution is only 960x640p.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is just a wee bit lighter than the iPhone 4S – 133g compared to 140g. The size of the iPhone 4S, however, makes it easier to hold and to pocket. The iPhone 4S just looks and feels better quality than the S3 thanks to its superior materials, so the iPhone 4S wins out here sans the smaller screen.

The iPhone’s non-removable battery is 1,420mAh, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a removable 2,100mAh offering which gives three times the talk time of the iPhone. The S3 also takes a microSD card, and has NFC and LTE – neither of which has graced an iPhone yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has, in the international version, a quad-core Qualcomm chip, and a dual-core in the US version. The US version benefits from 2GB of RAM compared to 1GB in the international version. The iPhone 4S lags way behind here with a mere 512MB of memory and a 800MHz dual-core chip.

Both phones have got 8MP rear cameras, but again the iPhone 4S is behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 on the front camera – 0.3MP compared to 1.9MP. The S3 camera also has a burst mode and no shutter lag, so while both cameras have the same sensor, these extra features mean a win for the S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 just outclasses the iPhone 4S in almost every way, but you have to remember that it was built to do battle with the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is yesterday’s news, so let’s all move on. If you’re impatient for an upgrade, bag a S3. If you (or your granny) fancy an iPhone 4S, hang on for a week and watch its price plummet in response to the iPhone 5.

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