iPhone 4S Or Samsung Galaxy S3: The Public Has Decided

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Just recently The Inquirer compared the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the iPhone 4S, taking in aspects like performance, OS, design and build, connectivity, software, camera, storage and battery. The cameras, it seems, were level-pegging, and while the Samsung Galaxy S3 held sway over the iPhone 4S in many ways, the iPhone 4S won out in usability and overall inched forward.

Well readers didn’t agree though, and wrote in in droves to tell the publication what they really thought.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S review verdict criticized

One reader told The Inquirer how using the Samsung Galaxy S3 for just an hour made the iPhone 4S feel more like a housebrick. The small screen of the iPhone 4S, said another, made for great typos. Still another bigged up the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen, saying it was perfect for watching films. The Samsung Galaxy S3 sleek lines and faster chip won it a lot of fans too.

Most of the people who got back to The Inquirer were firmly in Camp Samsung, although a few readers were waiting for the iPhone 5 to strut its stuff before pinning their colors to either mast.

One thing really did stand out, though, and that’s the fact that readers overwhelmingly (nine out of ten) think the Samsung Galaxy S3 beats the iPhone 4S. Once the iPhone 5 hits the town, though, this could all change.

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