Shattered iPhone 4S Worth More Than A Pristine Nexus

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It seems that a broken and shattered Apple iPhone 4S is worth more than a Samsung Galaxy S2 in pristine condition.

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2: second hand prices

There have been some very interesting charts to come from Gazelle at CES that compare the values for trade-in of the Apple iPhone and its competitors, in particular the Samsung Galaxy series.

It seems that the Apple iPhone 4S, just like all other Apple devices, hold the higher trade in value for longer than other handsets. In some cases, months following the release of the handset, a broken Apple iPhone 4S that has a shattered screen, is worth more than a Samsung Galaxy S2 in prime condition, or even the newer Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Over at the CES you can see the statistics of Gazelle on display which are shocking to say the least.

Now I know that a shattered screen can be replaced but someone who wants a broken iPhone 4S over a perfectly good Samsung Galaxy Nexus or S2 does boggle my mind.

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