Is It Stupid To Buy An iPhone 4S Now That iPhone 5 Is Cheaper & Apps Updating To Bigger Screen?

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According to retail checks from November, the iPhone 4S is still selling strong and remains ahead of the iPhone 5 but behind the Samsung Galaxy S3.

iPhone 5 vs 4S: recent price cuts and App Store developments rule in 5’s favor

With the iPhone 5 now having caught up to demand and shipping in just 2-4 days via the Apple Store, is there a reason to still opt for an iPhone 4S? Many will say that it is the price tag as well.

For reasons unknown, the iPhone 5 seems to be hitting the bargain bin at many US stores lately. The cheapest now being over at Walmart where you can bag the iPhone 5 for only $130. That’s a whole $70 below what it is up at in the Apple Store.

Given the recent price cuts we would suggest opting for the bigger screen iPhone 5. If you check out the App Store, you will start noticing that the many popular apps are finally updating to the bigger screen size of the iPhone 5. And with rumors of the iPhone 5S or 6 coming earlier this year (WWDC 2013 in June), the 4-inch form factor will continue to flood the market and developers will start to focus more on the new size.

Of course, if there is one drawback that I see with the iPhone 5 versus getting the 4S, it would be the exterior build quality. I have an iPhone 4 which is now almost 2 years old and it still looks just like it did the day I bought it. The same cannot be said about the iPhone 5 test unit we reviewed earlier this month. There is no doubt that the iPhone 4 & 4S will be able to weather the daily usage than the iPhone 5 will as it is unlikely the iPhone 5 will look “like new” in a year or two. Of course, you could always slap on a case if it means that you can enjoy a faster processor, quicker LTE speeds and of course that larger Retina Display.

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