iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5: Why 4S Is Still A Solid Choice

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Both the Apple iPhone 4S and the Apple iPhone 5 are superb handsets if you want an iOS device. Of course the latest is the Apple iPhone 5; however the device does come with pros and cons, but then the iPhone 4S too. So which of these two handsets is the best?

The most up-to-date of the two is the Apple iPhone 5. It has the better hardware, the bigger display and it supports LTE. However it has the same software as the older models, the industrial design and the powerful camera.

The design of the Apple iPhone 5 has had a slight make over, however the back of the device is prone to being scratched, and this can happen right out of the box. If you handle the iPhone 4S with care and attention then it could end up looking just as good as when you took it out of the box two years before.

The Apple iPhone 5 is of course a sleek handset and it is very classy. It happens to be the lightest handset anywhere in the world. However on the downside this can give it a flimsy feeling. There are even some reports of the device bending when left in the owners back pocket and they have sat down. The handset is longer than the iPhone 4S and this makes it feel odd in the pocket.

The device has been stretched to accommodate the bigger display. It’s half an inch longer and it does make a lot of difference. It’s not in the same league as the Android handsets, however it may be big enough to want to make the move from the iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 5 comes with some great hardware and support for LTE. Games can be played good enough on the iPhone 4S, and you might not need LTE if you live in a region where it isn’t supported. You should also give thought to existing apps and the fact that they might not have been updated to make use of the larger display of the Apple iPhone 5.

You might want to hang on and see what Apple reveal with the iPhone 6 this year, if you are not in any rush to get your hands on a handset. If you have an older device or you are moving to iOS, the iPhone 4S could be the perfect choice as you can get it for bargain prices. The software and camera is the same, and if you only want to upgrade for the larger display, then there are many Android devices to choose from.

You can get the Apple iPhone 4S for $47 per month at Walmart. The handset is selling well at this price. The iPhone 4S comes in second with the Samsung Galaxy S3 ahead of it in terms of sales at the end of 2012, even after the Apple iPhone 5 was released.

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