iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 (Why 4S Still Has It)

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Apple have two wining handsets in the form of the iPhone 4S and the Apple iPhone 5. While the latter is the newest handset, both come with pros and cons, so which might be the most suitable for you?

The Apple iPhone 5 comes with the latest in hardware and of course it has a display that is larger, LTE and faster hardware. Other than this the devices both have the same software, cameras that are powerful and styling that looks industrial.

The Apple iPhone 5 came with a new design which does come with some downfalls. The Apple iPhone 4S can look just as good some time down the line as it did when you bought it. This is not the same for the Apple iPhone 5 thanks to the back which is made from aluminium. This will show signs of wear and tear straight away.

The materials of the Apple iPhone 5 do give the handset a look that is sleek and the device is lighter. Apple claims that it happens to be the lightest handset in the world. Some people however don’t like this as the device does feel a little flimsy. Some people have said that they device has bent when being in their pocket and they have sat down. It does take some getting used to as the device is longer than the older iPhones.

Of course this means that the Apple iPhone 5 comes with a display that is larger. You would not believe the difference that 0.5 inches can make and it was a good thing that Apple believed it. This isn’t as large as the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it would have been nice if Apple had given it a screen of around 4.3 inches. The change in display size is about the only reason I would recommend moving up from the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 5 comes with LTE and hardware that is more powerful and it does have support for LTE. Games work well on the iPhone 4S though and not everyone needs LTE. Along with this you have to take into account that some of the apps have not been optimised for use on the larger display.

If you are not in any rush to get your hands on a new device then you could wait for the next iPhone release. The iPhone 4S is on offer now with a superb price tag and this has the better finish. The software is the same and you cannot tell any difference between the cameras. If you want a device with a larger display then you could go for one of the Android handsets.

You can get the Apple iPhone 4S for around $47 on a two year contract if you get the device from Walmart. It isn’t so surprising that the device is still among the best-sellers and there is good reason why it is only just behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the charts.

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