iPhone 4S vs 5: iPhone 5 Is NOT The Obvious Choice

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The Apple iPhone 5 and its predecessor the Apple iPhone 4S are both great devices. Of course out of the two the Apple iPhone 5 is the newest device, but it comes with some advantages and disadvantages just like the 4S. So which of these two handsets is the best option for you?

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is twice as fast as the previous device and it comes packed with all the latest hardware. The screen is larger and it supports LTE, and these are the two largest differences between the devices. Both run the same software and both have similar cameras. At the same time both perform equally as well when it comes to popular apps and style-wise the 4S still looks classy as ever.

The Apple iPhones 5 had a makeover and so it has a more updated profile. However this is only a small difference and there are downsides to it. The Apple iPhone 4S can look as good as new a couple of years down the line, providing you look after it. This will not happen with the Apple iPhone 5 thanks to it being designed in aluminium, which scratches easily no matter how tenderly you treat it. The device is lighter and has a look that is sleeker. Apple bragged that it was the lightest handset in the world. There are some people that don’t like this fact as they believe it is too light for a premium device. There have also been reports of the handset having been bent after being sat on. However the trend today is towards a device that is lighter and this puts the Apple iPhone 5 ahead on paper.

One of the biggest advantages that the Apple iPhone 5 has when you compare it with the Apple iPhone 4S is the size of the screen, which is 4 inches on the newer on. This is in comparison to the older display of 3.5 inches. This might not seem like a huge changes, however it does make a lot of difference when using the device. The display size comes nowhere close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, as this is a whopping 4.8 inches. Apple are very slowly catching up with the screen sizes of its rivals and so there has been some improvement over the size of the display of the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 5 supports LTE and it is packed with more powerful hardware. If you don’t need LTE then there really isn’t any good reason to make the update. Games play smooth on the Apple iPhone 4S, in fact just as smooth as they would on the Apple iPhone 5. LTE is not very important unless you have good sized coverage in the area in which you live.

Also some of the apps haven’t been updated to take the larger screen on the iPhone 5 into account, which means that for the time being they show black bars at the top and bottom.

If there is no real rush to get a new device then you could wait to see what Apple delivers with the Apple iPhone 5S or 6, this is thought to be coming out at some point in the summer. However if you need a new handset right now then you could go for the Apple iPhone 4S as this is the cheaper of the two handsets, it has more durability, the same operating system and storage choices, battery life that is better and a vibration motor that is smoother. Only if you need a larger display and you want LTE then the Apple iPhone 5 may be worth the extra dough.

You can pick up the Apple iPhone 4S from Walmart on a contract of two years for just $47. With the low price tag the handset has sold well and it has been in 2nd place on the best-selling phone list, sitting just behind the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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