iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5: Why I Still Recommend 4S

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Both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPhone 4S are superb handsets. The Apple iPhone 5 is the latest device yet both have advantages and disadvantages. So which handset might be the best choice for you?

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 has the latest hardware and it does happen to be faster than its predecessor. Nevertheless the display is larger and it has LTE, these are two of the biggest differences between the handsets and what you should focus on. Both of the devices come with the same software, cameras that are around the same in terms of performance and a style that is very similar.

The Apple iPhone 5 has had a facelift and so it looks better. But the difference is not huge and it does come with some downsides. While an Apple iPhone 4S could look as good as new if you take good care of it, the same cannot be said about the Apple iPhone 5 in a year’s time. The back of the Apple iPhone 5, which is made from aluminium, tends to scratch very easily and this means that keeping the device in pristine condition, is not easy. The handset has a sleeker look and it is lighter, Apple does say that this is the lightest handset in the world. However this is something that some people don’t like as they think it is too light for a premium handset. Some say that it gives the device a flimsy feel and reports have come out of the handset bending after being sat on. As devices are leaning towards being lighter, the Apple iPhone 5 is the leader still, on paper.

One of the largest advantages of the Apple iPhone 5 when compared to the Apple iPhone 4S is the display size. The screen is four inches, compared to the 3.5 inches seen on other iPhones. While the size may not seem to be much of a change, it does happen to make a large difference when you use it. The size of the screen doesn’t come close to that of the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, which is 4.8 inches. On the other hand Apple are very slowly catching up with the displays of Android handsets and the screen size is an improvement over that of the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 5 has LTE and the hardware is more powerful. However if LTE is not needed then there isn’t any real reason why you should make the upgrade. Game playing on the Apple iPhone 4S is as smooth as playing on the Apple iPhone 5 and LTE is not important unless you happen to be able to take advantage of a decent sized coverage area.

Additionally, some apps have not been updated to accommodate the larger display of the Apple iPhone 5 and so they have black bars at the bottom and top of apps.

If you don’t happen to be in a rush to get your hands on either of the two handsets then you may wish to wait for the Apple iPhone 5S or 6, which is rumoured to be coming out this summer. If you want to upgrade your device now then the Apple iPhone 4S is the cheapest of the two devices and it happens to have more durability, same OS and storage options, almost equally as good camera, better battery life and a smoother vibration motor. But if it is a large screen and LTE that you want then you should opt for the iPhone 5 or for that matter any other flagship Android handset as these two features are a norm now.

The Apple iPhone 4S is available at Walmart along with a contract of two years for $47. Due to the price tag it has sold well and it has been in second place in the best-selling list, just behind the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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