Apple Power! iPhone 4S & 5 Both Outselling Galaxy S3

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For the first time in a long time Apple hold the 1st and 2nd places for their handsets.

Strategy Analytics have revealed a chart of the top selling handsets, with the Apple iPhone 5 in 1st place, the iPhone 4S in second and then the Samsung Galaxy S3 in 3rd place.

The data shows that Apple with the Apple iPhone 5 have managed to beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 by around 12 million units during the final quarter of 2012 and has now become the world’s best-selling device.

This may not be surprising to some people. However what does come as a surprise is the fact that the Apple iPhone 4S has beaten the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Financial Times said that Foxconn has put things on hold at the moment when it comes to hiring and that they are cutting down on the amount of Apple iPhone 5 devices they produce. Nicholas Carson from Business Insider has said that there could be three reasons for them doing so.

The first of these is that Apple be building up with a new iPhone and there has been lots of leaks about them releasing the iPhone 5S. Apple could be moving to another manufacturer, or they may have been faced with having to deal with a market that has become saturated.

In an update from Bloomberg it was said that recruitment had been halted until March as this was when employees would return after the break for the Chinese New Year. A spokesman said that the decision was not related to the production of the Apple iPhone 5.

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