iPhone 4S With iOS 6 For $148 Is Serious Bang For The Buck

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The fight in the court between Apple and Samsung may be over but both of the companies are about to launch new handsets and so the battle continues on. Samsung launched their Galaxy Note 2 yesterday and Apple are rumored to be releasing their next generation iPhone 5 on 12th September, with a release date of 21st September in stores.

iOS 6 breathes new life into bargain iPhone 4S

Meanwhile Samsung have also announced that the Galaxy S3 will be available soon in new colours, including Red, Brown, Grey and Black and this has drawn back customers attention to the flagship handset.

The price of the iPhone 4S has been dropped and consumers are able to get their hands on one with contract from WalMart for a very low $148. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is $50 more with a price tag of $199, while the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to join its sibling at the same price point if not higher.

So is the iPhone 4S with the lower price and an upcoming upgrade to iOS 6 a good option despite the range of Galaxy devices and upcoming iPhone 5?

The iPhone 4S is a great daily driver and more pocketable than its Samsung rivals. iOS 6 is expected to bring a new and improved Siri to rival S-Voice, a new Maps app that is based of TomTom maps, and close to 200 new features. While it may not pack the more powerful hardware of its rivals, the phone is vertically integrated with the OS and the apps are optimized for it unlike Android where developers have to consider multiple devices. What this means is that you won’t expect lag just because its hardware is outdated compared to the Note 2 or Galaxy S3.

It is thought that the iPhone 4S may even be reduced to as low as $99 upon the launch of the iPhone 5. So if this happens you could potentially be able to get your hands on the iPhone 4S with 200 new features (iOS 6) for just $99.

iOS 6 is expected to roll out to the iPhone 4S when the updated OS debuts next month alongside the iPhone 5.

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