Don’t Underestimate iPhone 4S, Can Still Rock With The Big Boys

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Some people switch phones as soon as the latest model comes out just so they can say they have the latest device. Then there are others that find a handset they love and stick with it.

iPhone 4S: don’t sell it short just yet

The iPhone 4S, although almost a year old is one of those phones that some hang onto as it is still among the top dogs. So why would someone stick with the iPhone 4S when there are plenty of other newer handsets around?

Take the Samsung Galaxy S3 for instance. This has a large display and is more powerful than the iPhone 4S. However sometimes bigger is not better, well at least for some people. The size of the larger phones put some people off, especially if you have small hands. The iPhone 4S with its 3.5 inch screen is considered by many to be the perfect size and easily fits into a pocket or handbag. It also draws less power when lit up and easier to operate one-handed.

Another plus for the iPhone 4S is the Retina display which means you cannot see individual pixels and it happens to be one of the crispest phone displays. The photos taken with the iPhone 4S camera are excellent and look great on the Retina display.

What makes the iPhone stand out is that there is only one generation released at any one time. Nexus phones for instance come from different manufacturers and have different looks. One thing Apple has in its favor is that you know what to expect from them with their iPhone. Of course the new iPhone 5 is rumored to come with design changes but it will still be an Apple iPhone when all is said and done. And you will be able to tell even before powering it on.

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