Is It Time To Replace Your iPhone 4S? Yes, Especially If It Combusts & Oozes Acid

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A marketing manager in New York says that her 1 year old Apple iPhone 4S has combusted and burnt her fingers after oozing acid when she tried to take out the battery.

The marketing manager said that here device was on the table when it lost power. The device wasn’t on charge or charging and she could smell fumes. She picked up the device and it felt very hot.

When she tried to turn the iPhone 4S on it didn’t work and the device continued to get hotter and a burning smell started. She panicked and then tried to take the battery out of the device by prying the back of the handset open. She said that the handset was in the process of melting and that acid started to ooze out. She opened up the Apple iPhone, which wasn’t a user serviceable handset, and this probably wasn’t such a good idea; however she was in a panic. She did remove the battery which has swollen and melted partly, along with bubbling.

She said that if she had not been around when this incident occurred it could have caused property damage if a fire had started.

This is not the only Apple iPhone that has said to have combusted and there have been other devices. A Motorola device burned the butt of a hacker when he carried the handset in his pocket during summer of last year. It was also said that an Apple iPhone battery caused a flight delay in 2011 after a screw that had not been fitted properly punctured the battery.

Bhujle said that she took the device to the Apple store to ask for a replacement or to get it repaired and talked with more than one employee and still there wasn’t a resolution. She also saw someone at the genius bar and still got no resolution. She has been left with the response that Apple would not offer a replacement iPhone 4S.

Bhujle said that the product was defective and Apple is not acknowledging it. They are trying to brush things under the carpet. She said that she couldn’t believe it.

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