iPhone 4S Price Freefalls Over The Weekend, Now A Ridiculously $75 Lower Than Before

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The rumors surrounding the release of the iPhone 5 are increasing as the supposed date for its launch draws ever closer. Carriers including Verizon and AT&T have stopped employees taking vacations during September which points to the rumored release date of 21st.

Cheapest iPhone 4S at RadioShack & quickest way to get the iPhone 5

Of course you might not want to get the latest handset and if so you could get hold of the iPhone 4S with some great savings. RadioShack for instance has dropped the price of their iPhone over the weekend. From 26th August they will beat the price of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon by $75. This means that the best and cheapest place to get your hands on the iPhone 4S will be over at Radio Shack.

Now if you want an iPhone 5 and fast then the best way is to pre-order it when it launches. It is thought that consumers will be able to do this from the same day as it is announced, possibly on the 12th of September. Should you miss the chance of pre-ordering then you will have to get in the queue along with many others at Apple stores and retail stores around the 21st September, which means you are in for a longer wait.

If all else fails and you cannot your hands on the iPhone 5 there is eBay. However this will be one of the dearest options for getting hold of the latest generation of the iPhone as they are likely to surpass the retail price by quite a huge gap.

So will you be pre-ordering the iPhone 5 on release date or will you take advantage of getting the iPhone 4S at a bargain price?

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