iPhone 4S Or iPhone 5? 4S Still Rules Apparently

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Apple will reveal their Q1 financials in January of 2013 and the sales of the Apple iPhone 5 should have helped these. Analysts are also predicting that the Apple iPad Mini will beat the larger tablets for sales; however there have been some analysts that say that the Apple iPhone 4S would sell more units than the Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5 sales

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners have said that the Apple iPhone 5 hasn’t been performing as well as the Apple iPhone 4S had. The iPhone 5 managed to take in 68% of sales of all Apple iPhones during the month it was launched.

When the Apple iPhone 4S was launched 7% of sales were from the versions of the iPhone that came before it, while 3% of sales came by way of the Apple iPhone 3GS. This time around the Apple iPhone 4S has taken 23% of sales, while the Apple iPhone 4 has accounted for around 9% of sales.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the Apple iPhone 5 is a disappointment. It does tell us that the sales for Q1 of Apple may not totally be dependent on how well the Apple iPhone 5 has sold, as analysts thought. Apple has made expansions into the smartphone market and older models of the Apple iPhone will grow their share. What this means is that there could be limits on the amount of iPhones that are full priced, that Apple will be able to sell. This of course would have an effect on the revenue and profits of Apple.

In the UK there have been reports that have said that during November, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the most popular selling device. The Apple iPhone 4S has been dubbed the most popular iPhone in the UK, beating the Apple iPhone 5. Bear in mind that the Apple iPhone 4S does happen to be cheaper than the Apple iPhone 5 and both of the handsets do share a lot of features thanks to iOS 6. Many consumers therefore cannot see why they should choose the Apple iPhone 5 over the iPhone 4S, except that it has new hardware.

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