Boy Who Lost Kidney For An iPhone 4S Sues

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The youngster who sold a kidney for an iPhone 4S is now in court in China suing for $360,000 USD, around 2.27 million yuan. Wang was found in bed not feeling well by his parents, who found out that he had had a kidney removed in exchange for Apple products reports MicGadget.

Boy who sold kidney for an iPhone 4S now sues

The case was reported to the police and the trading kidney organization has been cracked down on in Chenzhou, in the Hunan province. In total nine individuals have been prosecuted for playing their part in causing intentional injury. These included two doctors and intermediaries whose job it was to find candidates.

Wang found out about the gang on the internet and said that he would sell one of his kidneys for money in April of 2011. He was paid 22.000 yuan which is around $3,480 USD and his kidney was then sold for 150,000 or $23,800 USD, another $10,000 USD was shared among the doctor and intermediary. The court said that as a result of the kidney removal the boy suffered serious injury and some disability.

This has not been the first time youngsters in China have given up one of their organs to purchase Apple products. One Chinese youngster sold his kidney so that he could get the iPad 2 last year.

With the iPhone 5 just around the corner, here’s hoping no one else thinks of doing something as stupid as this for it.

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