iPhone 4S Complaints Grow After iOS 6.1 Update

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operating systems are complex and so it is not unusual to see updates to them being released, and more so when the update goes out to millions of owners on different devices. A new OS usually means glitches that are unexpected and this is true for Apple thanks to the different iPads and iPhones that it supports. When Apple released iOS 6.1 problems have been seen and it seems that issues are growing, especially with 3G connectivity.

Vodafone have said in a message on forums that an issue has come to their attention with a problem for the network connectivity of the Apple iPhone 4S, after making the update to iOS 6.1. The issue not only affects data but also stops the user from making calls and texts.

There is some good news by way of Vodafone who says that Apple is aware of the issues and they are at work on a fix.

So have you had any issues with your Apple iPhone 4S after making the update to iOS 6.1?

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