iPhone 4S iOS 6 Jailbreak Walkthrough Posted

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A jailbreak guide for the Apple iPhone 4S has been posted online thanks to the folks over at iOSiPhoneJailbreak. This means that owners of the Apple iPhone 4S can enjoy freedom on their device. The guide explains the steps that are needed in order to complete the jailbreak and this this is based on which iOS is installed.

iPhone 4S jailbreak guide posted

Many people have updated to the latest Apple iPhone 5, for which there is no jailbreak, however if you own the previous version still, then there is a jailbreak available. Devices that have older versions of iOS are easy to jailbreak than what iOS 6 is proving to be. The Apple iPhone 4S had iOS 5 installed, however if you have iOS 6 installed then you can also find out information about the jailbreak too.

Of course when you jailbreak any device, the process is never easy. Loopholes have to be found to hack the iOS of the device, without turning the device into a brick.

Those who want to jailbreak their iPhone should always check for the latest information before they try to jailbreak their device. Well enough chatter, check out the iPhone 4S jailbreak walkthrough check out their website here. Be warned though, they are asking for your email address before showing the solution so if that bugs you don’t bother clicking the link.

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