iOS 6 Sucking The Life Out Of iPhone 4S & 4

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The release of iOS 6 has been received with mixed reviews. While the additions to the OS are superb, users of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 have been reporting that their battery has been draining down far quicker.

iOS 6 causing heavy battery drain for iPhone 4 & 4S owners

MacObserver reported seeing the the battery on their iPhone 4S lose around 10% an hour, and that’s when it was not being used. When you put the lock screen on the iPhone 4S and wait around 2 minutes, the device seems to be doing something as it feels very warm, even when the screen is not on.

One user said they have used their iPhone at work and when they get home the phone usually has around 60% battery left. However with iOS 6 this is just 17%.

Another user said that their device was 100% charged at 8am and when he checked it four hours later the battery had drained down to 0%, without him having made a call or use the handset in any other way. This meant the battery had drained 1% every few minutes.

There have been numerous suggestions on how to remedy the battery drain, including turning off PassBook, Maps and location services, however this doesn’t work for everyone.

The problem seems to be widespread and has also been reported on MacRumors forums. People have complained that after upgrading to iOS 6 the device loses battery even when just sat on a desk doing nothing. Let’s hope that Apple take notice of the complaints and sends out a software fix fast.

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