Best Camera Phone: iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs Nokia Pureview 808

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Cameras at ten paces! The Nokia 808 PureView goes head-to-head with the Apple iPhone 4S and the HTC One X in an ultimate camera test showdown by CNET. Let’s take a look at the results.

Best camera phone: iPhone 4S vs HTC One X vs Nokia Pureview 808

After the insightful feedback CNET had from the Nokia 808 PureView vs Apple iPhone 4S shootout earlier this week, the blog decided to revisit the camera comparison. They wanted to be more conclusive about some aspects and hope this latest shootout would help.

CNET writes that we chose the Apple iPhone 4S to compare to the 808 PureView because it has one of the best cameras you can get in a smartphone. Doing a more methodical and in-depth comparison now, they even took the HTC One X in.

Methodology: All the photos were taken at eight megapixels and on default settings unless said otherwise. With the Nokia 808 PureView, pics were taken at PureView resolution and at its highest quality. The 808’s anvantage is the pixel overlay technology, in which seven pixels on its sensor are combined to make one “super pixel”.

Blind Test: The photos from all three phones were viewed on a calibrated monitor at full size, then at 100% crop (what you can see here). The overall winner is CNET’s camera test ended up being the Nokia phone followed by iPhone 4S and HTC One X dead last. Hit the source link for the more details on how the test went down and why the Nokia Pureview 808 came out on top of the iPhone and One X.


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