iPhone 4S Complaints Subdued After iOS 6.1.1 Update

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Vodafone sent a message to their customers who own an Apple iPhone 4S telling them not to update to iOS6.1 as there was an issue with 3G, along with performance issues. These problems have been resolved with iOS 6.1.1, however there does seem to be a lot of confusion.

This is due to the fact that Apple said the update to iOS 6.1 would be offering updates to the Map app for Japan. However it seems that this is not to happen until iOS 6.2 now. So it’s strange that Apple have worked on the S4 problems while there are problems with the Apple iPhone 5.

People had thought that the latest update to iOS would be made available to owners of the Apple iPhone 5, but Apple seem to have shunned them and for those who are having issues with Wi-Fi, battery and more on their Apple iPhone 5, this isn’t going to go do down very well.

Of course owners of the Apple iPhone 4S have also been having problems with the battery on their handset, with it being hot, however there hasn’t been any talk about this in iOS 6.1.

We didn’t come across any issues when downloading and installing the update for the Apple iPhone 4S. But some people have said that they have had issues, with one saying that they turned their handset into a brick. So have you had any problems with the update?

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