iPhone 4S Tips: How To Maximize Your Battery Life

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Two handsets which have superb batteries are the Apple iPhone 4S and the Apple iPhone 5. We all like to get as much life as we can out of our battery and with this is mind you may wish to check out these tips.

Push notifications will drain down the battery and so you might want to stop them. Go into Settings – Notifications- Notification Centre and turn them off.

If you are on a 3G signal and it is slow then it may use more battery than if you had a good 4G signal. If the data speed is low you could put your device into Airplane mode. This will turn off data and this means that the battery will last longer. To do this go into Settings and then choose Airplane mode and switch it to off.

Change the brightness of your display to a lower one by going into Settings and then choosing brightness and moving it to the left.

When you are not using your device you can lock it so that the display does not come back on. You can also choose have the device lock automatically. Go into Settings – General – Auto Lock and decide how long you want the device to wait until it autolocks.

Turn of location settings to save battery life. Just head to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and choose which apps to turn off.

Raise to speak to Siri is all well and good but it drains the battery. You may go into Settings and turn it off in General> Siri.

Turn off push mail and instead check your mail manually. Go into Settings – Mail, contact and calendars and turn off push.

Make sure that apps are updated by going into Settings – General and Software updates.

Why not download and install an app to help you save your battery. There are many of these in the App Store.

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