Caution: iPhone 4S & 5 Battery Life Dips After iOS 6.1 Update

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Apple revealed their latest version of iOS6.1 recently and some people who made the update have been complaining about a drop in battery life. Some have also complained about their device overheating.

Vodafone in the UK have handed out a text message warning to all of their iPhone users putting the blame of issues with 3G performance. Along with this Next Web looked at 27 pages of complaints from the support communities forum of Apple, which was first started on 28th January.

At the moment Apple has not said anything about the potential issues with iOS 6.1.

However one user who had visited an Apple store did come up with a solution.

They sent that they went to see the genius yesterday as they had an issue of their usage being almost the same as stand by time. This meant that something continued to run in the background when all apps had been closed.

He said that he would turn of location services and turn each on one by one to try to find out which was causing the battery to drain. He said that he was too impatient and did a factory reset of the handset after which the issue was fixed.

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