iPhone 4 Can Run Apple’s Turn-By-Turn Navigation Map App After All

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With the announcement of iOS 6 from Apple at the WWDC, developers are not working very hard to get a jailbreak running for the operating system on various iPhone and iPad devices yet since Apple is still in the position to patch it up. At the moment the success has been virtually nil, they have developed a jailbreak but there are many apps that do not work along with Cydia.

iPhone 4 capable of running Apple 3D Maps app (video)

However a hacker from Russia has worked on a way of getting the 3D maps feature of iOS 6 working on an iPhone 4. This is a feature that is only available on iOS 6 for the iPhone 4S along with the 2nd and 3rd generation of the iPads. The hacker, named iTony, managed to get hold of a jailbroken iPhone 4 and tweaked the firmware before then installing an app of his own, 3DEnabler, and got the 3D map view working on the iPhone 4.

At the moment he is keeping quiet about how his software allows viewing of 3D maps. At the moment there is still no turn by turn navigation on the iPhone 4 officially and this is something that users particularly want. Cydia is also not working with iOS 6, at least for the moment, anyway. The iGuides Forum did say how Anton gets around the issue and this is by manual installation, which is tricky but it can be done in two steps.

The 3D Maps app on the jailbroken iPhone 4 does run very smooth and it also loads up well and it will be interesting to see Apple’s response to the hack. More than likely they will block it with a patch of some kind as well, hence why the developer is keeping hush of its innerworkings at the moment.

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