iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: Rotten Apples

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You are probably aware that Samsung recently lost in a court battle with Apple in the US. However what some people don’t know is that there is still an on-going court battle and there is news that in the UK Apple has lost in their appeal against Samsung when it comes to tablets.

iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab verdict has Apple peeved

This case concluded in July when a judge said that Samsung hadn’t infringed on the rights of Apple with their Galaxy Tab tablet. The judge described the iPad tablet of Apple’s as being very simple, and said that this wasn’t the case with the tablet from Samsung and that the Tab was “not cool”, like the iPad. The judge then told Apple to put out ads stating that Samsung had not copied their design. He also said that they should put a statement on their website saying the same thing.

However Apple appealed and that appeal has been turned down, which means that Apple has to go ahead and run the ads and put a statement on their site. The statement however could be just a link leading to the statement and could stay in place for as little as one month.  BBC News has said that the only reason why the appeal has not been overturned is due to the fact that there is another very similar design battle undergoing in Germany and appeal judges thought it would confuse consumers if the matter becomes more complicated.

Samsung of course are delighted with the result and went on to mention that if Apple should continue to make claims that are considered to be excessive, then it would harm innovation in the industry and put limitations on choices. Apple could appeal to the Supreme Court in the UK and have for the moment not commented.

Apple have been successful over Samsung in the past when Samsung were told to pay $1 billion in damages to Apple. However they have failed so far in their attempts with the tablet battle in the UK and the Netherlands, USA and Australia. In the US Samsung have added the iPhone 5 to their list of devices they want banning in the on-going litigation.

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