Survey Finds iPad Barely Beats Kindle Fire In Customer Satisfaction

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A recent survey has shown that users of tablets are more happier with their tablets than owners of phones are with their smartphones. High among tablets are the iPad and the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

iPad inches slightly ahead of Amazon Kindle Fire in customer satisfaction survey

In total 6,000 users of tablets took part in the survey where those taking part had to rank their tablets from 1 to 10 based on satisfaction. The results showed that the iPad came in top at 8.8 with the Kindle Fire getting a score of 8.7. The Kindle Fire scored the highest in all of the Android tablets with other tablets of Android getting a combined score of 8.2.

Apparently more women than men have chosen the Kindle Fire, with 56.6% being owned by a woman and more iPads belonged to men at 52.9% owning one.

The owners of the iPad said that they had chosen that tablet due to a large app selection and the brand name. Kindle Fire owners said that they had chosen their tablet due to the price and app selection.

It appears that those who own an iPad are better off financially as 46.3% of owners said that their income was $100,000 or even higher. It will be interesting to see where the iPad stands once the Google Nexus 7 becomes widely available in the market given that it has been boasted as a Kindle Fire killer.

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