New HP Hybrid May Just Leave iPad Owners In ‘Envy’

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Apple and the iPad could have some serious competition in the form of a new hybrid device from Hewlett-Packard.

New HP Envy X2 hybrid tablet to rival iPad

Windows 8 general release is out on 26th October and this is the perfect time to look at what competition may be coming our way. It may have taken a long time for HP, as Apple launched the iPad in 2012, but they now have an alternative to the iPad, called the Envy x2.

HP of course has a totally different design compared with those of Apple and therefore there is more to take into account than just the specs of the devices.

The iPad 9.7 inch display is retina and is 2048 x 1536 pixels and as you might expect if it comes to specs and quality it wins. However the IPS 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 display of the Envy is no slouch. The x2 display is just part of the overall scheme as it has been designed to be used as a laptop when needed and separately as a tablet.

HP have also ensured that the docking, along with unlocking, passes muster when it comes to their corporate customers. The docking connectors, which include the use of magnets, come built into the screen.

The keyboard dock also comes with an extra battery and so this extends the battery life of the device. HP have also gone all out to make sure that it is of high quality build and there are no screen bezels that are flimsy in sight.

The electronics built into the display comprises of an Intel Clover Trail system that’s said to be able to run Windows 8 perfectly. While it does not have iOS, it seems that HP have designed a device that is cool, along with being practical and it does more than what the iPad offers.

HP of course need to deliver a finished product that is of high quality and which doesn’t have quality control issues that they have seen in the past.

With apps being everything to many people, Microsoft will have to ensure that they offer all the latest core apps. However bear in mind that the x2 comes with the Intel chip and of course will be able to power the many millions of apps out there that have been built for Windows, which is one thing in its favour.

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