My Precious: iPad Users Will Sacrifice Body To Save Tablet (Survey)

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The iPad crashed into our lives in 2010 and has only gained in popularity since. Disturbingly so, as owners are prepared to injure themselves to protect their precious slab.

Survey finds shocking number of iPad users will risk bodily harm to save tablet

More than 16 per cent of 1,300-plus iPad owners surveyed by mobile and online presentation company Brainshark revealed that they’d be happy to break a bone if it meant rescuing their iPad. In less than three years, the iPad has a cult-like following of millions, with just under a third saying they’d rather endure root canal than drop their tablet.

It seems that the iPad is more important than the car in some circles, with 40 per cent of the sample preferring the idea of a minor car crash. Around 16 per cent would rather have a broken nose and a hardcore 10 per cent would rather get fired. “No one doubts the device’s popularity, but what’s really eye-opening about these statistics is just how inextricable the iPad has become from users’ everyday lives,” said Brainshark’s CMO Andy Zimmerman.

The iPad has come out of the geek domain, with 92 per cent of owners using it alongside their laptops. More than half intend to make it their main computing device over the next two years. The iPad has also replaced TV and books, as well as video and still cameras, MP3 players and GPS gadgets, as many users like its all-in-one skills.

They’re not just for business anymore, either. Brainshark found that iPad users take their friend with them almost everywhere, with 60 per cent using it while on the toilet and 21 per cent taking it into the bath. A quarter of users have bumped into someone while walking at the same time as using their iPad.

Most users – 92 per cent – take it on holiday, and 73 per cent take it on planes. Almost half – 47 per cent – take their iPads into work and client meetings.

The iPad’s appeal, Brainshark found, is its fast booting apps, portability and accessibility. Many use it to keep the kids occupied, and others see it as a “piece of art.” Some of these people admitted that they would rather lose a credit card, a wedding ring, a wallet or a driving license than their iPad.

Check out Brainshark’s worrying chart to find out about what iPad owners would do to protect their baby…

Brainshark survey of iPad users

Brainshark survey of iPad users

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