iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 or iPad Air 2: Which Is Your Choice?

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Anyone looking for a tablet would have had life easier some years ago as the choice would be the iPad or one of the Android tablets. Today there is a choice of Apple tablets so it is going to be harder to choose. So would you choose the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or the iPad Mini 4?

The iPad Pro is the latest tablet to come from Apple but does this mean that it is the best for you?

If you are on a budget you may want to forget about the iPad Pro as it is the most expensive among the three.

If you want a table that allows you to do just about anything you want you might want to check out the iPad Pro.

On the downside the iPad Pro is the heaviest so if you are looking for a tablet that you will be carrying around a great deal you have to take this into account. The iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 4 both come in smaller and lighter.

But will you choose the iPad Pro, the iPad Mini 4 or the iPad Air 2?