To Kill iPad, Microsoft Tablet Joins Nexus 7 At $199 [REPORT]

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People don’t mind paying out around $199 for a tablet of 7 inches, so imagine how they would feel if they could get a 10 inch tablet for the same price? Well according to AndroidandMe, we will soon find out as a source has told the editor of Engadget that Microsoft will be launching the 10 inch version of their Surface tablet for just $199 on 27th of October. That’s right, the same price point as the hugely successful Nexus 7 tablet.

Microsoft Surface tablet to join Nexus 7 & take on New iPad 3

The Surface was announced months ago, but there was no price given, which left people wondering if Microsoft would be able to compete in the tablet market. Google has been selling the Nexus 7 tablet for $199 and it is so popular that retailers are struggling to meet demands for it. It is thought that Google may be able to sell around 8 million of the devices before the end of the year.

There may be some that say that getting their hands on a 10 inch tablet for $199 is too good to be true. However it could be that Microsoft has chosen to take a loss over the short term while they build up presence in the tablet market and take on Apple’s big boy the New iPad 3.

The RT version of the Microsoft Surface tablet will be available in two models. One will run Windows RT and comes with the Tegra 3 chip of Nvidia, while the second will run Windows 8 Pro and have the Intel chip inside. The latter will obviously be more pricey.

The Surface tablet will have some advantages over the Nexus 7 in terms of hardware. While they both have a very similar quad core processor, the Surface comes with a screen that is larger and has more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi and support for microSD. Google are supporting Windows 8 and there is already a preview version of the browser Chrome. However it runs on Windows 8 for x86 and Microsoft has banned all other browsers except for Internet Explorer on the Windows RT version. With this in mind the experience is likely not to be as fluid as with an Android tablet.

So the question is would you purchase the Microsoft tablet instead of the iPad or even the Nexus 7, if the price was reasonable?

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