Images Of iPad Mini Leaked Just Hours Before WWDC 2012 Kicks Off In San Francisco (Rumor)

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The long rumored 7-inch iPad Mini has surfaced online in a series of photos. ZooGue have posted photos that are said to be the backing of the tablet from Apple. It is rumored that Apple are manufacturing the device at the Foxconn Shenzhen factory.

Purported iPad Mini pictures leaked ahead of WWDC 2012

It is thought that the size of the screen will be 7.58 inches and the source who provided the photos also said that the product will not be announced at the upcoming WWDC which starts today as previously thought. It is also thought that the rumors of the iPhone 5 being announced are false and that Apple has no such intentions.

If the photos are to be believed the iPad Mini will have a rather mysterious dock connector. It has been speculated for some time now that Apple plans on straying from the six pin connector but as yet nothing had been clarified. The source, John Gruber of DaringFireball is very reliable and says that the iPad Mini is being tested at the moment and it may be that Apple has multiple screen sizes.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Signs are pointing to Apple launching the device in the fall of 2012 and not at the WWDC. Whether the leaked photos are actually that of the iPad Mini, no one really knows but if they are then at least we know for sure it is in the pipeline. Rumors have been going around for a long time about the 7 inch iPad which would be in competition with the Kindle Fire from Amazon and would add more variety to the current line of iPads on the market.

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