iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: The Best Of The Best

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Two tablets in the small category are the Apple iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7. If you are deciding between the two then it will not be easy. However in the end it could boil down to whether you want iOS or Android. You would also have to take into account the cost of the tablet, the battery life and the price.

You could get the 16GB version of the Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi if you have $329 to spare. This of course is easier than carrying around the iPad 4 with its retina display. However if customisation is your thing then you could choose the Google Nexus 7 Wi-Fi version as this comes with the cost of $199. This is an excellent tablet for the money and it is cheaper. The tablets both have displays that are sharp, so which is the best?

Apple is ahead for design so the Apple iPad Mini is the better looking of the two devices. The Google Nexus 7 on the other hand is not ugly and it is slender, plus it has a back that is soft to the touch. The Apple iPad Mini does beat it though.

For the display it is the Google Nexus 7 that has the higher PPI, which should mean that the display has the advantage over the Apple iPad Mini. But Asus, along with Google did cut things when making the tablet and this was by way of the calibration of the display, which happens to be off. The text, colours and contrast on the Apple iPad Mini is also clearer and better. Photos therefore look better, as do videos. The display is also bigger on the Apple iPad Mini.

Anyone who has to stick with a budget may believe that the Google Nexus 4 is the winner. The only other tablets that fall into the price range are the Kindle Fire HD and the Nook HD. Google always wants to keep prices down, this of course attracts customers. Apple however considers profits and build. Those who work at Apple make sure that the design of the product, along with the software is nothing short of amazing. The Google Nexus 7 is $129 cheaper. The 3G version of the Google Nexus 7 is $299 and the LTE version of the Apple iPad Mini is $459.

For the OS and the performance you have to decide between Android 4.1 and iOS. The Google Nexus 7 features Project Butter, which allows apps to run smooth. The Google Nexus 7 did get updated to Jelly Bean 4.2; however this caused it to run slower.

With the Google Nexus 7 you do get customisation choices. There are plenty of options for having multiple home screens, you can use app shortcuts and even put on a custom ROM. iOS doesn’t come with any of these features.

The Google Nexus 7 has a chip that is quad core and this is 1.2 GHz, while with the Apple iPad Mini this is a dual core processor, the Apple A5. This may be slower but it is fast enough to power iOS. The winner for the processor is the Google Nexus 7, however for the GPU it has to be Apple and the Apple iPad Mini.

Tablets are all about apps and here the Apple iPad Mini is the winner. It has more apps optimised specifically for the tablet than can be found in the Google Play Store.

When it comes down to battery life you the Google Nexus 7 provides users with around 8.5 hours of use, while you may get around 10 hours with the Apple iPad Mini. This means that Apple just take the lead.

Both tablets match up to each other very well and the final choice could be down to the operating system, the cost of the tablet and if you need LTE.

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