iPad Mini Is Just A Giant iPod Without Calling Capabilities (JK)

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Jimmy Kimmel has his own take on the iPad Mini. He has taken some digs at Apple on his TV talk show in the US and told the audience that Apple have released a new paperweight!

iPad Mini vs iPod touch 5G

He then went on to say that you anyone who waits in line for the iPad Mini over the weekend should be punched in the throat. He said that if you have that kind of time to spare then maybe you should consider volunteering.

However the talk show host did save his best yet for a promo spoof, this tracked the evolution of Apple devices. The promo pointed out that first Apple released the iPod, which was followed by a thinner iPod, a smaller iPod, then a taller, thinner iPod, a thinner one that shuffles songs, followed by a pink, blue and green one, then an even smaller one and finally a wider iPod.

These were then followed by the iPod you could touch, one you could talk on, an iPod with a G, then a shorter and fatter iPod, an iPod that shuffles, a thinner one you can talk on, a large one you couldn’t talk on, a gigantic one that is faster but which you can’t talk on, a white one, a tall, thinner one you can talk on and a larger but not too big iPod you cannot talk on.

The spoof video closed, by reminding individuals not to forget that they had to buy chargers for the Lightning connector. Kimmel did of course miss out on some models during the evolution of the iPod, however he did get the majority of them. We recently pitted the iPad Mini against the iPod touch 5G in a comparison and have to say that while comedians do exaggerate, there is more than often truth in their observations.

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