iPad Mini Cheaper Than iPod Touch 5G, From $249 Only & Runs Until $549?

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CultOfMac has managed to get their hands on the supposed iPad Mini price list and this list tells us a lot more about what to expect on the 23rd.

Base iPad Mini slides in below iPod touch 5G price level

If the details are to be believed, the starting prices will drop below the iPod touch 5G and also the fact that Apple will be sending out an LTE version. The third-gen iPad came out to a bit of controversy. Apple dubbed it the New iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, and the guys in Australia got a bit heated up because it’s only genuinely 4G in the US and Canada. This meant Apple had to rename it for further shores. The fact that previously Apple called its mobile-capable iPad the iPad Wi-Fi and 3G suggests that the iPad Mini will have LTE support – in the US and Canada at the very least.

These prices are great. They are very competitive against the current 7” tablet crop, and if you want to pay $649, you’ll get a 64GB iPad Mini with LTE that costs the same as the newest 16GB iPad. So, if you quite fancy a smaller screen, this is a bit of a bargain, don’t you think?

The iPad Mini will, it seems, be announced on October 23 and will probably start shipping in November. The strange thing though is that the base model costs less than the iPod touch 5G. That is the only anomaly in our books.

iPad Mini price list

iPad Mini price list


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