Survey: Apple Fans Don’t Care For iPad Mini As Much As You Think, iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Matter More

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iPad and the iPhone 5 are doing well with sales that are said to be record-breaking. However, according to a survey recently undertaken, Apple may not have the same luck when they release the iPad Mini.

iPad mini unlikely to be as popular as iPhone 5 & iPad 3

The survey consisted of more than 1,330 people and TechBargains found out that they really couldn’t care less about the iPad Mini and instead wanted the iPhone 5 and the iPad. Only 18% of those asked said that they were considering getting the new iPad Mini when Apple releases it. 45% said they would get the new iPhone and 48% said that they planned on getting a new iPad.

With Apple’s reputation and their success it would be easy to think that all products released by them would be very popular. However the survey undertaken clearly shows that this is not true. The results of the survey showed that people were going to pass up on the iPad Mini due to the fact that they didn’t consider the need to have a smaller tablet. 50% said that they were not interested in the Mini iPad, while 32% couldn’t decide one way or the other.

14% of those who wanted the iPad Mini said that they would be in line on the day that Apple release the device and 1 in 5 people said that they would pre-order the device as soon as they could. 66% said that they didn’t know when they would buy it.

78% said that they wanted the iPad Mini to have support for USB and 77% said that they wanted it to have the Retina screen. 75% said that SD card was needed and 74% said that the device should come with better speakers.


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